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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 28, 2013

— world’s toughest athletic event named after a deaf person

Gertrude Ederle became famous for being the first woman
to swim the English channel (1926). She had serious hearing
loss since childhood and later became deaf. She then taught
swimming at Lexington School for the Deaf. She passed away in
2003. Not wanting to forget her, the annual “from New York
City to New Jersey” 17.5 mile swimming race is named after her.
It is called “Ederle Swim” – there is a limit of 25 elite long
distance swimmers that could race in that event.


— many British physicians refuse to cooperate with CI people!

In Great Britain, the CI people are complaining that many
physicians are refusing to advise deaf patients to get an
implant. Why? These physicians do not really understand
what is a CI and the risks and dangers of these implants.
As a result, the CI people are pushing for these doctors
to learn more about the implants!



— making a full time living with these ADA lawsuits!

Who gets rich with these ADA lawsuits? Attorneys? Yes,
but there are a few disabled people trying to make
a living with these ADA lawsuits. Do keep in mind
that some of the New York deaf people involved with
the Starbucks lawsuit are in it, hoping to get money.
In Sacramento, California, a disabled man has filed
2,200 lawsuits in the past, including 59 this year.
He spends each day scouting stores and shops in the
city, hoping to find more ADA violations to sue them!





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