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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 29, 2013

— Gallaudet says laws against drugs are not working

In a short newspaper story, Gallaudet said that laws against
drugs are not working. Who at Gallaudet University made that
comment? It is Denny Gallaudet, who does not work for
Gallaudet University, but is a retired school superintendent
and also a former president of a small town bank in Maine!
Is Denny Gallaudet related to the famous Gallaudet family?
Don’t know.


— a Boston University writer loves captioning errors

Rich Barlow, not deaf, is responsible for BU Today, which
is Boston University’s news website. He wrote that he loves
captioning errors. We hate captioning errors but he loves
it. He wrote “Why I Hope Closed Caption Typos Never Go Away
Completely.” Why? He said that errors tell us that we are
human beings, and not machines that function too perfectly.
And most important of all, we need something to laugh in
a world that makes us tense much of the time!
(DeafDigest editor, by the way, hates these errors).

— real estate value of CSD buildings, now for sale

The Communication Services for the Deaf more or less have
moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas. Its’ buildings
in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, located next to the
campus of South Dakota School for the Deaf, are up for
sale. What is the asking price for its four buildings
and 2 1/2 acres of land? Just 5 million dollars!




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