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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 23, 2013

— a big fight in women’s hockey

USA women’s hockey team defeated Canadian women’s hockey
team 4-1 in a pre-Olympic exhibition game. This game was
ruined by women from both teams fighting each other with
fists. One of the Canadian fighters was Meghan Agosta-Marciano.
She is deaf! While she plays for Canada, she played
college hockey at Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania.


— a popular inn in St Augustine

Near Florida School for the Deaf & Blind, St Augustine, is
St. Francis Inn. It is owned by Joseph Finnegan, the former
head of Pennsylvania SD and South Carolina School for the Deaf
and Blind. It is not a “tiny” inn, but a complex of 17 lodging
units on both sides of the street! He has 14 people working for
him, making sure guests are happy. He also has a chef that
makes the best breakfast in St Augustine! Is Joe completely out
of Deaf Education? No. He is the executive director of The
Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs
for the Deaf. These two big responsibilities are what Joe handles
every day! You can look at the inn at



— for a future deaf doctor, good and bad news

Michael Argenyi, a deaf medical student at Creighton University
Medical School, filed a lawsuit when the school refused to pay
for his interpreters. He was forced to pay out of his pockets.
After being $100,000 in debt, he dropped out, unable to afford
to pay for his two remaining years of medical school. The federal
judge told Creighton University that they must pay for his
interpreters. The judge also told the deaf student that the
school cannot reimburse him for $100,000 that he had to pay
in the past. So who wins or who loses? Very sad news!





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