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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 24, 2013

— is FCC avoiding our no-captions complaints?

FCC has been encouraging all of us to post on-line
our no-captioning complaints – so that they could
take action. Yet, their accessibility-complaints
web site has been down! Every single link that
FCC provides for our complaints have been broken!
Is it saying that FCC wishes to avoid us?


— arrested deaf woman loses no-interpreter lawsuit!

Do deaf people, upon being arrested, always win
a no-interpreter lawsuit? No. A deaf woman, from
Florida, after being arrested, lost her lawsuit.
The Florida U.S. District Court said that the
police officer communicated with her via notes being
passed back and forth. This judge said was adequate
communications, and that an interpreter was not
necessary! This deaf woman will file an appeal.
Is it saying it is better to refuse to write
notes in the first place?


— Is Florida Hillsborough County cruel to the deaf?

4-year old Sam Cruz Jr is deaf; his hearing family
was homeless when the father lost his job. The county
found them a trailer home, which was in terrible
condition – bugs, water leaks, molds, etc. The social
worker helped the family get $2,700 per month disability
payment because of the child’s deafness. What did the
county do? They took most of the money back from the
family, leaving them with very little to live on! Why?
The county wanted to recover the money they spent on
the lousy trailer rental! Yes, people in Hillsborough
County are very angry about it, saying the county
government stinks!





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