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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 25, 2013

— The TV Guide’s list of best 2013 TV programs

The TV Guide just listed 2013’s best TV programs.
One of the best programs was – “Uprising,” Switched
at Birth. It was about Carlton School for the Deaf
almost closing up for good. Daphne, the deaf ASL actress,
was upset about her beloved school closing up. She
staged a public protest which led to the school
being saved. Does it remind us of our first Gallaudet
student protest? Yes!


— The Cop Sign Language

Do cops have their own sign language? Maybe. Depends. Well,
the police officers of Danville, Kentucky ran through a
practice shooting drill. Reason is that they will know what
to do if the real thing happens (that DeafDigest hopes will
NEVER happen). The drill took place on the campus of
Kentucky School for the Deaf. Their sign language vocabulary
only has four words – follow, stop, where, stay. This is the
Danville Cop Sign Language!

— An attorney for the deaf in Maryland

An attorney, that works for deaf clients in Maryland,
wrote an article that was published in the Baltimore
Sun. The attorney said many of his cases deal with
communication breakdowns in hospitals. He said that
hospitals use nurses that really do not know sign language
and struggle with finger spelling and gestures. And even
worse, not able to write simple notes, explaining these
complicated medical conditions and medical issues. This
is the reason why we are always seeing these deaf lawsuits
filed against hospitals just about every day of the year!




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