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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 26, 2013

— Deaf Owl TV company

Deaf Owl Productions was a British all-deaf TV production company
that produced few TV programs for the deaf during the early
nineties. It only lasted two years. Five deaf British individuals
were involved in this TV business. Why Deaf Owl? The name came
up in discussions at a British pub! Why did it go out of
business? Many reasons – slow technology, outdated TV
equipment, time consuing work involved, a bad-attitude
interpreter that served as camera man, high expenses and
low income, etc. They are saying it may be the world’s first
all-deaf TV production company. DeafDigest is not sure.



— Restaurant Sign Language

At a fancy and expensive restaurant in Washington, DC,
the general manager uses RSL to communicate with the
waiters, the runners and the bus boys. RSL has 10 different
signs – Important customer, wedding anniversary customer,
birthday customer, hurry up and clean table, wine menu,
more bottled water, more sparkling water, more tap water,
more bread and customer needing help. The general manager said
these signs, instead of voices, help save 45 seconds on
each table request. Next time you go to a nice restaurant,
do see if the general manager uses his own silent gestures!
Some of these signs may be the same as our ASL.


— Helping a deaf tourist at the airport

A deaf tourist from China arrived at an airport in Indiana
alone with no one around to help him. He was confused; the
airport volunteers could not communicate with him. What
did the volunteers do? They took him to a Chinese
restaurant near the airport. This deaf tourist was able
to communicate by notes with the restaurant workers. They
gave him directions to the address he wanted to visit.





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