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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 27, 2013

— a comment from deaf Switched at Birth actress

Stephanie Nogueras, deaf, who appears on the “Switched at Birth”
TV series, made a truthful comment. She said there is not
enough acting roles for deaf actors. This is the reason why
many deaf performers “disappear” from public view after just
one or two big acting roles. The sole exception is Marlee
Matlin, who has this ability to reinvent herself every
few years! As for other deaf actors, we have many of them
struggling to get Hollywood roles.


— a big merger between two big deaf organizations?

The two biggest organizations in the Deaf Community are
National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and the Deaf
Seniors of America (DSA). Will both organizations merge?
Don’t know, but DSA’s newsletter, New Horizons, said there
was a mandate for a Task Force to study the feasiblity
of merging with NAD. A merger is like a marriage; will it
work? Good question – the NAD has many younger members
and the DSA has members age 55 and above. Almost always
the viewpoints of younger people are different from those
of older people.


— Arriving at the wrong airport at the wrong city

There was a story of a deaf man, planning to fly to
Seattle but getting off at Phoenix. It is not funny;
it happens to many deaf travelers. They tell the
ticket clerks and the airport personnel that they are
deaf – yet these employees are busy and would easily
forget the needs of these deaf passengers. DeafDigest
editor once flew on a plane that was supposed to arrive
in Newark Airport, but instead, landed in LaGuardia Airport.
No one told him that bad weather diverted the flight to
a different city. One deaf softball team, flying to a
tournament, got off at the wrong airport. The flight
attendant knew the group was deaf but never bothered
to tell them the landing was to a different airport.
We just hate when it happens!





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