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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2014

— a 12 year old hearing child interprets during mother’s childbirth!

At a London hospital, deaf mother Nadia Hassan gave birth; the
interpreter during the birth was her 12-year old daughter Hulusi
Bati. The family was very angry about it. The hospital said
there was no time to find a last minute interpreter because
of the birth complications. The daughter, while knowing basic
sign language, was not able to interpret these complicated
medical words. And even worse, when the mother and the baby
stayed at the hospital for one week for medical follow ups,
the interpreter was not available most of the time.


— HUD allows deaf to live in deaf subsidized housing

The Apache ASL Trails in Arizona, subsidized by the Housing
and Urban Development, is now allowed to have 100 percent deaf
residents. This was always the goal of the Apache ASL Trails,
but the HUD didn’t like it because it discriminated against
hearing residents. After two years of legal dispute with the
Apache ASL Trails officials, the HUD gave up.



— Paralympics treats deaf like second class citizens?

The International Paralympic Committee always wanted to
control the Deaflympics. We have refused because we are
able bodied, and that we are able to compete with hearing
athletes on equal terms. The most recent Paralympics
took place in 2012 in London. Past Deaflympics president
Craig Crowley, who is deaf, told the BBC Sportshour
people during a TV talk show interview that deaf were treated
like second class citizens during that 2012 Paralympics.
This accusation was quickly denied by the Paralympics
officials, but DeafDigest thinks Crowley was correct.




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