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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 29, 2014

— more about Derrick Coleman

Looking for Derrick and his #40 jersey at the Super Bowl?
Click on before the game
starts to make sure he is playing; eight Seahawks players
will be inactive for the game; coaches always make last
minute roster moves. If Derrick plays, look for him on
Special Teams because he really plays very little on
offense. Will he be made active? He played 12 games and
2 playoff games this season, missing four games. So, will
he definitely play? While newspaper stories on him have been
heavy, DeafDigest thinks coach Carroll will activate him
for the game because he is best with the Special Teams.



— music industry not wanting deaf to attend musical events?

Do the music people in Great Britain avoid selling tickets to
deaf musical lovers? There was a story in a British newspaper
saying that online reservations for musical events are not
accessible to the deaf. And by not being accessible to the
deaf and the disabled, it has cost the industry approximately
2.5 million tickets, valued at $110 million dollars annually!
A group of mystery shoppers tried out these online reservation
systems and the came out saying the system stinks for the deaf!



— these messed up CART assignments

DeafDigest editor asked a friend, who is deaf and is an
attorney if he had CART problems. He said that sometimes
CART reporters are stuck in bad traffic. Sometimes CART
equipment does not work – an example would be a set of
dead batteries! When that happens, there is nothing the
deaf attorney could do about it!




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