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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 30, 2014

— another deaf participant on Super Bowl Day!

It was just learned that Derrick Coleman is not the
only deaf participant on Super Bowl Day! There is
another one. The surprise participant is Aurora,
who is described as very, very smart, and acts as
a diva wide receiver, very quick with moves and
not afraid of opponents. Huh! It is a deaf
liver-spotted Dalmatian puppy that will play in the
Puppy Bowl that is always shown on Super Bowl Day.
She is the first deaf puppy to take part in the
Bowl – the same as with Derrick Coleman. Will a
deaf family adopt deaf Aurora? Anyway, do watch
the Puppy Bowl. It is always good for laughs!



— IRS stops offering free tax preparation services for the deaf

In the past IRS offices gave free tax preparation services for
deaf tax payers. No more. Why? The IRS spokesperson said
that too few deaf tax payers have used these free services
in the past. Is it scary for the deaf that need help with
tax preparations? Well, there are some deaf social service
agencies that help with tax preparations. It is just that
the deaf must be made aware of these services. Do we have
deaf tax preparers? Yes, but the same thing – the deaf
must know who these preparers are – and also, these services
are not free.


— university ASL club in a different activity

Many high schools and colleges offer ASL classes for their
hearing students. Some students take ASL and deaf issues
seriously; others don’t, just hoping to get an easy 4.0 grade
out of it. But for Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas,
there is a nice twist to their ASL class. The students worked
with other campus organizations and the Habitat for Humanity
to build a home for a deaf woman and her family! Other
ASL classes won’t do it, but at the Texas university, they




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