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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 31-February 1, 2014

— hearing ear dog in an unusual, but dangerous, job

A deaf person using his hearing ear dog to help him with
his unusual, but dangerous job? Yes – as a truck driver!
This job is dangerous for many reasons, and hearing truck
drivers must listen for noise and sounds while on the
road. Yes, deaf truck drivers deal with these same
dangerous situations, using their eyes instead of their
ears. But for one deaf truck driver, he uses his hearing
ear dog to alert him to noise and sounds. Seems he’s the
only deaf truck driver to use a hearing ear dog.


— a national network of deaf realtors

Jackie Roth, a deaf realtor in New York, who was profiled
in DeafDigest a while ago, is slowly building up a network
of deaf realtors – to better serve the deaf that want
to buy or sell houses anywhere in USA. How good is the
network? So far, she has referred 15 deaf clients to
the network of 9 agents – resulting in seven deals,
plus 3 more soon-to-be deals! It takes time to build
a bigger network but this is a great start!



— Netflix still a joke in the Deaf Community

We have a love-hate relationship with Netflix. They
are the best when it comes to a wide choice of videos
to watch. They are the worst when it comes to captions.
Netflix, after much arguing with us, has promised to
caption all of their videos. But the quality of their
videos stinks! A national news website recently
scolded Netflix for not doing much to improve the
quality of their captions. Does Netflix care? Probably
not because their #1 worry is making more and more




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