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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 24, 2014

— a popular team lost

At The Amazing Race: All-Stars, deaf son Luke and hearing
mother Margie were eliminated after finishing last place
at the Sri Lanka race. Said the eliminated team –
We’re one of three teams to do The Amazing Race for a
third time.


— good news for deaf victims of police brutality

we have been reading more and more about deaf victims
of police brutality. Is there some good news coming
up? The American Civil Liberties Union, one of the
nation’s most powerful non-profit agencies, is looking
into this matter. They are building up a file of these
many deaf police brutality cases. We will see what


— be careful of a deaf person from Ohio

Many of us have received “Deaf Lottery winnings” emails;
it is a scam. How bad is it? According to the Westerville,
Ohio Police Department, approximately 1,200 deaf people
have become victims of this scam, costing them money.
The police believes the person behind the scam is deaf
and lives in Westerville and is well known in the Deaf
Community. If you receive this type of email, automatically
delete it – do not even open it and read it. Just delete it!




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