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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 25, 2014

— a big football day next month at Gallaudet

At Gallaudet on April 9, 2014 is the “Gallaudet
University Pro Day – Adham Talaat.” He is 6’6
tall and weighs nearly 300 lbs (solid muscle,
not fat). For the past two seasons, many NFL
teams asked Gallaudet about him; they have
seen him play; have tested him. April 9th
will be his final audition – hoping it would
lead to a NFL draft when draft comes on May 8-10.
If he is not drafted, then hope is high that
he would be offered a free agent contract. Either
way he would be the first from Gallaudet to get
a NFL contract. He was one of the main reasons
for the greatest football team in Gallaudet history.


— a deaf person without interpreter in the court

A deaf man, accused of a crime in Texas, had no
interpreter. This was strange because Texas has
one of the best interpreting laws in the nation.
His attorney never asked for an interpreter during
trial. Should his attorney be disbarred for that
reason? Yes, according to a deaf attorney that
read about this case. Anyway he won an appeal
for a re-trial because of no interpreter in first



— a different Deaf Scam

Yesterday’s DeafDigest mentioned an email scam
(Deaf Lottery). There is another scam – Craiglist
scams! Craiglist is the world’s largest classified
ads web site for anything and for everything!
Is Craiglist honest? Yes, for 99.9 percent of listings,
it is honest. But a tiny number of ads are not
honest. A hearing man wanted to rent a house and
saw a listing on Craiglist. He contacted the person,
but was told the person is deaf and must communicate
by text or email, not in person and was told to
send money by wire. The “deaf” man was not deaf.
It was a scam! Police is looking into this matter
in South Carolina.



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