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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 26, 2014

— important to show gestures and facial expressions

Actor David Dontoh, not deaf and well known in Ghana,
gave a speech saying it is important for all actors to
show gestures and facial expressions – for the benefit
of deaf people that watch TV programs. Even if the program
is captioned, these gestures and facial expressions are
still important! Oral deaf may not understand sign langauge
but they understand gestures and facial expressions.


— an expensive lawsuit case for a school district

Grandview School District, in Washington state, has already
spent $1.9 million in legal fees, defending themselves
in a lawsuit filed by a parent of a deaf child. The
parent has accused the school district of not providing
education. This case has started 4 years ago in the district
court and is now headed towards the federal courts.
Why not just accept a settlement? This school district
refuses to settle and will continue to fight – and it
means higher legal fees, making attorneys rich!



— deaf communications device for a police department

Dunwoody (Georgia) Police Department has a wireless
communications device that will be used to communicate
with the deaf. This is great but there are questions.
What if the deaf driver is stopped because of a traffic
violation, and the police officer does not have the device
with him? Will they have to wait until someone brings
the device? Or will they have to go to the police station?
Isn’t it much easier to contract with a VRI so that
the deaf person could immediately communicate with the
interpreter on the police officer’s Skype? Police cars
nowadays are equipped with all kinds of computers.




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