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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 24, 2014


— Time magazine’s choice as most influential deaf person

The Time Magazine has come up with its annual list of
100 most influential people in the world. One deaf
person on the list is surprising – Super Bowl player
Derrick Coleman! Is he more influential than Marlee
Matlin or the NAD CEO or the Gallaudet president
or the NTID director? The playing career of a typical
NFL player is short. These players could be cut or
injured. This is not to say that Derrick will be
cut or injured – but we can never know!


— Marlee Matlin understands cops better than us

If you discuss police stuff with Marlee Matlin, you
will realize one thing – that she understands much more
about cops than any of us! Why? Because her husband
is a police officer. This was the point Marlee was
trying to explain in a recent video that was produced
by the American Civil Liberties Union. This video was
to explain to us what are our rights in case the police
stop and/or arrest us!


— a nurse that was cruel to the deaf

Nurses are supposed to be understanding when dealing with
deaf patients. Christopher Cooper, a male British
nurse wasn’t. When a deaf employee passed him in the
hallways, he would cover his mouth and say something
very inappropriate with her. With a deaf patient that
wanted a TV set, he would mock interpreters on the
screen. He would also bully other deaf employees.
He was brought up for a disciplinary hearing and
was fired, his 25-year career with the hospital
down the drain.





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