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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 25, 2014



— the puppy and the interpreter

Secretary of State John Kerry brought his puppy
to an event at the Department of State. The puppy
was on the stage while Kerry was giving a speech.
Suddenly the puppy jumped at the interpreter!
To her credit, the intepreter smiled and patted
the puppy away from her. Already there are jokes
about the puppy planning to jump on Russia’s Putin!

— finally, a deaf cookbook

We have deaf chefs. We have deaf-owned restaurants.
We have had a deaf chef on a TV show. And now we have
a deaf cookbook! Kalavathy Venugopal, a deaf woman of
India, wrote a cookbook. It is titled “Dinasari Saiva
Samayal” which means Everyday Vegetarian Cooking.
What is next for us? A deaf person with his own cooking
show on the Food Network! In case you are curious
about these deaf-owned restaurants, the list is at:



— a two second awareness of a TV network

Few days ago on TV, during a commercial, there
was a very short presentation, asking all of us to
watch programs on one TV network. It was a woman
that fingerspelled A-B-C on behalf of the ABC
TV network. In case viewers do not follow fingerspelling,
the ABC logo was shown on the backdrop behind the woman.
The fingerspelling was so short that if you blinked or
turned your head away for one second you would miss it!




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