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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 23, 2014

— movie theaters may ask you to turn on your cellphones

For a long time these movie theaters have asked you to turn
off your cellphones when the filming starts. Times have
changed; these same movie theaters may ask you to turn on
(not off) your cellphones! Why? The movie people are
working on having captions installed on your cellphones.
It is much cheaper for them than to invest in captioning
devices. A question – if a deaf person came in without
a smartphone, is he out of luck with captions?


— Netflix lost and Redbox won

Netflix vs Redbox? Not really but in recent court cases,
Netflix lost and Redbox won. Netflix was forced to put
captions into their videos. Redbox does not have to
distribute captions-only videos! The California District
Court rules in favor of Redbox when a deaf person filed
a lawsuit to force them to distribute captions-only videos.
Said an attorney – Redbox is a rental place, same as with
bookstores not required to sell Braille books.

— Again, a deaf and dumb written on a receipt

Few months ago, a deaf couple lost their baggage while
traveling. This baggage was found and returned to their
house but receipt said “deaf and dumb” which made the
couple angry about it. It is happening again – in
Australia. A deaf customer went to a photography shop
for some work on her videos. She came back to pick up
these videos. On the receipt, it said the same thing –
deaf and dumb. While the owner of the photography shop
apologized, this deaf customer is still upset about it.





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