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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 24, 2014



— the app that a famous person is selling

Kim Kardashian is selling a new app, called “Kim Kardashian:
Hollywood.” This app has a reality/fantasy game which involves
these weird and crazy Hollywood “characters.” One such weird
character is a hearing aid provider.” DeafDigest wonders why
a hearing aid provider should be involved in a crazy reality life?



— a deaf fisherman in Alaska

In Alaska, where weather is often frigid, fishing is an important
activity – because it brings food to the table. A big annual event
in Anchorage is the Downtown Soup Kitchen’s Slam’n Salm’n Derby.
One of the awards given out is the “Andy Sorensen Award” (not to
be confused with Sorenson Relay). It is for fishermen that provides
help and support during the annual derby. The winner this year is
Jesus Contreras, who is deaf. He was credited for getting deaf
fishermen to the derby while as the same time giving them fishing
advice and tips.

— a lawsuit against a school district involves a CI

A deaf student is filing a lawsuit against a school district
in Missouri. The student said the school buildings were too
old with outdated electricity that would shock up her CI
from time to time. She wanted to transfer to another school
that could accommodate her deafness. The schoool district
said no. This is the reason for her lawsuit.



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