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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 25, 2014


— deaf stealing from the Vodafone

Yahaya Amidu, a deaf man, was arrested for stealing underground
cables that belonged to Vodafone Ghana. These thefts have caused
the network to crash. This is not the first time he committed
the same crime. He was arrested last year, but the Ghanian
courts acquitted him. Why? Because there was no interpreter
around! The police is saying that they will make sure
an interpeter will show up this time at the trial.



— a happy Deaf Blind hiker

Last year DeafDigest mentioned that Roger Poulin, who is
Deaf Blind, hiked the 2,185 mile Appalachian Trail (Georgia
to Maine). He was forced to stop hiking because the trail
was closed for the season, due to cold weather. At the time
of the closing, he was 100 miles away from the target. Now
that the weather is warmer and the trail is open, Roger
expects to reach the target this Friday.



— more on the movies and the cell phones

A DeafDigest subscriber, who watches the movies a lot,
felt that captions on the cell phone is a joke. Why?
Impossible to eat popcorn or candy or to sip soda on
one hand and holding the cell phone on the other hand.
Also, having to hold the cell phone for two hours would
be very tiring. If hands are tired and you place the
cell phone on your lap, you will miss the action on
the screen! What is the best solution? Very simple –
open captions, instead of using captioned gimmicks.





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