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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 27, 2014

— changing the way interpreters are hired

An agency is trying to change the way interpreters are hired.
Instead of the deaf client given an interpreter he may not like,
this agency allows him to pick the interpreter he wants.
Where is that agency? It is located on the west coast but
works nationally. It is owned by a father of two deaf children.
Is this a good idea? Will it be successful? Just have to wait
and see how it works in the long run.

— professional lipreaders in the World cup!

We have watched baseball players cover their lips with their
gloves; football coaches covering their lips with plastic
play charts, etc. Now it is World Cup soccer. Fantastico, a
popular Sunday TV news program, has been hiring deaf teens
to lipread the Brazilian soccer players. Are lips of
Portuguese-speaking players easier to read than English-speaking
people? Portuguese, not Spanish, is the national language of
Brazil. Anyway the players hate it and cover their lips!

— the Beethoven that we do not know about

We all know that Beethoven composed the best music of his life –
after he became deaf. He composed nine different symphonies,
all of which were the best. Two Australian music houses, in
Wellington and in Auckland, performed all of Beethoven’s
symphonies, nine of them. To listen to all of them would
take nearly six hours!




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