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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 30, 2014

— are we lucky with the FCC?

Are we lucky with the FCC? There may be a reason behind FCC
giving support to the Deaf Community with captioning
and telecommunications needs. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
was a former CEO of a software company. One of his employees
was deaf. For that reason, Wheeler learned sign language to
communicate with that deaf employee. Yet, the fear is that
once Wheeler departs FCC then the next chairperson may not
care so much for the needs of the deaf! FCC changes its
chairpersons every 3-4 years or so.

— our captions being crowdsourced

Crowdsourcing is a new word, but which replaces an old
word – asking the public for funds. Anyway there have been
groups that crowdsource for captioning funds on social
media. Great? Not really. Crowdsourced captions often
show poor quality. And also, not every social
media channels allow crowdsourcing!



— missed tickets to a football game

Switched at Birth airs tonite. And it is supposed to feature
Derrick Coleman, the deaf Super Bowl player. What is the
story all about? Something about Travis hoping to get tickets
to watch Derrick play in a football game. But there was a mix
up and there are no tickets available. Mary Beth, who is a
friend of Travis, hinted that she will give him a Derrick
Coleman surprise.




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