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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 25, 2014

— non-ASL instructor uses trick to teach the deaf

Roileen Miller, not deaf, owns her own Miller Driving School
in Cotati, California. She has been teaching student drivers
for 35 years. She has had some deaf student drivers. How did
she teach them? She wrote up many 3 x 5 cards with simple
instructions (in few words) to show deaf drivers what to do.
Was she successful? She said almost all of her students
have passed driving tests.

— a deaf person askes South Korea and North Korea to become one Korea

Kim Hee-young, who is deaf, is a successful model in South
Korea. It is her dream to have South Korea and North Korea
become one nation. She is part of a bicycling relay team
that will travel 9,400 miles through Russia, Kazakhstan,
Mongolia and China. The theme is “One Korea, New Eurasia”.


— a deaf woman punished for saving her “SSDI” money

A deaf woman, from Great Britain, received “SSDI” money
for 21 years, saving it, and never spending it. The
Department of Works and Pensions found out about it
because she never declared her savings when she
received the money. In a court case, she agreed to
pay back her savings of nearly £109,397 ($182,000 in
USA funds). The attorneys were arguing over her case
and they pointed out the irony – that if she spent
the money on steaks instead of living on baked
beans, she would not have broken the law!




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