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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 26, 2014



— court says no hearing aid is not a problem

A hard of hearing person was arrested and had a
court trial. This person had no hearing aid and
could not follow the courtroom proceedings. No
problem, the judge decided. He ordered the court
to give him a hearing aid for that purpose.Why
hearing aid and why not an interpreter or a CART?
Well, it was in China which does not follow ADA

— three things about first deaf NFL player

Bonnie Sloan, the first deaf player in the NFL
(1973 Cardinals) was interviewed on TV. There
are three things abut him. He was a low draft choice
and was not expected to make the team. He was lucky.
The #1 draft choice was a contract holdout and missed
much of pre-season practices and games. This allowed
Bonnie to show the coaches he could play. The coaches
like him and kept him even when the #1 choice finally
joined the team. But he onlyplayed 4 games because of
an injury in the season’s opener. Due to the injury
he never again was the same player. And the coach
Don Coryell previously coached a hard of hearing QB
and knew the deaf could play.



– Amazon versus deaf; who won?

Amazon, a Giant versus the Deaf, a little woman. Yet the
Little Deaf Woman won! She wanted the Amazon to caption its
DVDs on behalf of the deaf. Amazon refused. The angry
deaf woman went to Twitter and Facebook to ask people to
blast Amazon with captioning requests. Then few famous
comedians joined the act, in favor of the deaf woman.
Amazon gave up and agreed to caption its DVDs. Where
did that happen? Not in USA, but in Scotland!



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