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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 22, 2014

— a 3D surprise

What is a 3D printing surprise? That the hearing aid is the
most successful printed product in the world. Says who?
Says the 3DP Newsletter. They are saying that over
10,000,000 “In The Ear” hearing aids have been printed
and sold so far. Well, “In the Ear” hearing aids are not
really the same as regular hearing aids!

— American Restoration owner’s most frustrating experience

American Restoration is a popular cable TV program. It is about
restoring antique items to make it look new – such as old cars,
coke machines, gum machines, slot machines, etc. Rick Dale,
the American Restoration owner, said his most frustrating
experience was dealing with a deaf customer. He brought in
an old vacuum machine and wanted it restored. It was a
1945 model, the rarest one in the world as only two such
machines were currently available. The deaf man had spare
parts but did not tell Rick about it. The old machine was
restored but Rick knew something was not right, and the
deaf man got angrier and angrier. The result – Rick gave
up, and refunded in full the deaf man’s money! This
scene was never shown on TV. It is not known if there
was an interpreter around.

— a punishment for deaf crime boss

In China, a deaf man was sentenced to 15 years in
jail. He was the boss of a deaf gang that stole
valuables from parked cars. The deaf thieves he
recruited came from schools for the deaf, unable
to find jobs on their own after graduation. The
total value of stolen items were approximately
$250,000 in USA money according to the police.




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