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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 24, 2014

— Lyft, good or bad

Is Lyft good or bad? Taxi drivers hate it; city governments
hate it; many Lyft drivers hate this job. But Lyft has
hired many deaf drivers and the company still wants to
hire more of them! Always good to have deaf people with


— a moviehouse forgets the deaf and the hard of hearing

There are many deaf and hard of hearing people that use
listening devices while watching movies. The Hanford Fox
Theatre in California has been closed six months ago
for renovations. And during the renovations, a man from
the city building department inspected the work – and
told the owner that he forgot one thing – to have
listening devices put in. It is hard to believe that
these important devices were overlooked.


— junk captions provided by a town council

A town council produced a video, explaining the
construction plans of a public road so that residents
would know what is going on. And for its deaf residents,
captions were put in. The problem was that instead
of hiring a captioner, the city used captioning
software. As a result so much of the captions was
junk. No one could understand these captions.
The deaf community screamed about it, forcing the
embarrassed town council to redo the captions
with a captioner. This town council is located
in the metro London area.



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