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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 25, 2014

— a featured deaf racer in a documentary film

Remember Ashley Fiolek, a young deaf woman, who captured
motocross championships several times in her short career?
She has not raced in two years, saying she wanted to move
on with her life. There is a new film – “On Any Sunday
– The Next Chapter” and she is shown as one of the racers.
This film shows what the inside world of motorcycle
racing is all about. In her prime, Ashley was the best,
no one could beat her.



— a sore loser

Jeff Hoover, not deaf, is a long time Chicago WGN Morning News
producer. He posted on facebook about the Emmys, saying it is
a big joke. He says that he should have won several Emmys
over the years but has never won one. He claims that TV people
that do not deserve to win, has won these awards. He said –
And I’ve lost to the deaf reporter from ABC 7. An insult?
He was referring to Karen Meyer, the long time TV disability
reporter who retired few weeks ago. So, is Jeff a sore loser?
DeafDigest thinks so.


— an angry judge releases a deaf man

A deaf Ontario man was arrested in 2013 for making
physical threats. He had been in jail since then without
being released or going through a trial. Yesterday, the
judge, very angry, released the deaf man. Why was the
judge angry? Because no one could find an interpreter
for him for more than one year. This deaf man was never
advised of his rights nor explained why he was not
getting out on bail, etc. The judge said delays in
finding an interpreter was not a good excuse.




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