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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 22, 2014



— a deaf role model in Australia

A couple of times DeafDigest mentioned Australia’s famed deaf
truck driver Jim Ashley. One of the stories is at:

Anyway, DeafDigest received email from a proud deaf Australian,
saying that Jim is a role model in the Deaf Community. He
explained that discrimination is so bad against the deaf;
many hearing people think deaf people cannot do anything,
and that Jim is the living proof that the deaf can!


— the fourth Gallaudet football player to become a pro

It was announced that the Florida Blacktips of the new
Fall Experimental Football League has signed Gallaudet’s
Adham Talaat to a contract. He makes his pro debut this
Friday against Boston Brawlers at Harvard Stadium.
The past Gallaudet players who played pro football were
Bilbo Monaghan, Memphis Tigers (1932); Ed Gobble,
Virginia Sailors (1967) and Tony Tatum, Utah Blaze &
Cleveland Gladiators (2013-2014). Adham’s new teammates
played at Oklahoma, UCLA, Miami, Nebraska, Missouri,
Georgia, etc, these mighty NCAA football powers.

— most important deaf person in Microsoft

Who is the most important deaf person in Microsoft?
It is Jenny Lay-Flurrie, leader of the Trusted Experiences
Team. What does she do? Responsible for accessibility,
privacy, and online safety. If a deaf person cannot access
Microsoft software, or has privacy invaded or felt
threatened by hackers online, then Jenny worries about it!




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