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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 23, 2014


— the Deaf World Series

Possibly for the first time in baseball history,
the World Series has a real deaf connection.
It is Dummy Taylor, whose first real name was
Luther. He pitched for the New York Giants in
the early 1900’s. The team later became San Francisco
Giants. He was born in Kansas, not too far from
Kansas City, MO. As a pitcher, he was one of the
best during his time. And he invented signs
that the catchers and coaches still use these days.
Did he ever pitch in the World Series? Unfortunately,


— a confession by a job placement specialist for the deaf

In a newspaper story, a job placement specialist, from
Wisconsin, said hearing employers reject deaf about
20 times before a deaf person is finally hired. It
is the same with successful deaf attorneys, deaf
engineers, deaf architects, deaf scientists, etc.
They faced rejections, rejections and rejections
before they were finally hired.

— ASL not important to a major magazine

Washingtonian is a major magazine that covers the
Washington, DC metro area. A recent edition
gave advice for readers that want to learn a new
language. The magazine suggested Arabic, Farsi,
French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Russian,
Spanish, Swahili. It did not suggest ASL? It is
disappointing because the deaf population in the
Washington, DC metro area is one of the highest
among metro areas.




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