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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 24, 2014


— a big loss for Deaf Smith

Deaf Smith, a deaf fighter, became famous for his battles
against Mexico in the early 19th century. In 1835, he
climbed on a big tree in Texas to spy on the movements
of Mexican soldiers. 179 years later, this famous
big tree that Deaf Smith climbed up, became weak
because of lack of rain water in the area. This fallen
tree was on the list of Famous Trees of Texas. This
is a big historical loss for Deaf Smith. See the
pictures at:


— a different way for the deaf to vote on election day

A leader of the disabled has been urging the local
electoral group to allow the deaf to vote – in a
different way. Instead of ballots listing the
names of candidates, pictures of candidates would
be shown. Why? Many deaf people can’t read and
would not know the candidates if they had to
read their names on the ballot! It is not happening
in USA, but in Botswana, where many deaf people
lack education.
— free college tuition and fees for the deaf

College is expensive, but an investment for the future.
Well, many young people cannot afford these college costs
and as a result, either drop out or seek jobs that do
not require a college education. Well, for the deaf
in Odisha, a state in India, the deaf will not pay
college costs. Just wish the same can be said for
students attending Gallaudet and NTID.




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