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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 24, 2014


— the second Famous Deaf Cookie

We now have the Second Famous Deaf Cookie. Christin
White, Lansing, Michigan, is having her batch of
cookies served at the White House this Holiday
Season. She is deaf and only got serious with
cookie-making during recent months. People
fell in love with her recipes! Who was the First
Famous Deaf Cookie? Jimmy’s Cookies, baked by Jimmy
Libman, a deaf man, between the early 1980’s
and early 2000’s before he sold the business.

— no open captions in the big agreement

Last Friday leaders of deaf organizations reached agreement
with the National Association of Theatre Owners on movie
captions. Only it will not be open captions. Why? A deaf
person, involved in discussions, said we’ve tried everything
– negotiations, lawsuits, rulemaking, lobbying but the
movie theaters nor the government is willing to give
open captions to us. Is this captions agreement satisfactory?
No, but better than nothing.



— hearing prisoners win and deaf prisoners lose

In Los Angeles County there was an agreement on a lawsuit
filed by prisoners. They were arguing that rights due
disabled prisoners were always denied. This lawsuit
lasted about six years of back and forth arguing.
What about deaf prisoners? Nothing about them was
mentioned in the lawsuit! Very puzzling and very





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