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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 26, 2014


— best hospital for deaf – public or private

Which is the best hospital for the deaf? A
private hospital or a public hospital? There
are many great public and private hospitals.
But there may be one difference. With the
public hospital, you have the right to an
interpreter in person instead of VRI. But a
private hospital may only offer you a VRI,
and refuse your request for an interpreter.
Best thing? Check with the hospital first
to find out what is offered you.


— the best politician the deaf has ever had

Who was the best Capitol Hill politician that the
deaf has ever had? Tom Harkin? Possibly but there
was another one – President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Why? Take a look at:

Why is DeafDigest mentioning him? Because there was
an article in a Washington, DC magazine this week that
said LBJ was the most effective politician; he got
things done (for the hearing as well as for the deaf)



— a TV complaint by some deaf British people

Some deaf British people have a complaint. They
do not get a discount as a subscriber of TV programs.
They are saying that the blind people get a discount,
but the deaf people don’t. Yes, there are subtitles
on TV programs, but the deaf people pay full price.




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