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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 27, 2014


— deaf man says he is successful stock market trader

A deaf man posted his article on the web today, saying he has
been making a great living, making a lot of money with his
full time stock trading business. And that he has been
giving a lot of financial advice with hearing clients.
His name is James DePorre. Personally, DeafDigest is
always wary, because people that make great money
normally don’t brag about it!


— Kevin Hall, the deaf professional golfer

What has become of Kevin Hall, the deaf professional
golfer? At Ohio State, he won the Big Ten golf
championship, and took part in five big PGA pro
tournaments in 2005 and 2006. He did not make the
cut in these pro tournaments. What has become of
him today? The ESPN said he is playing in minor league
mini-tours. He did take part in one deaf golf tournament,
and won it very easily by runaway scores. When he was
younger he attended St Rita School for the Deaf.
In golf he regularly shoots in the low seventies, but
in big time pro golf, one has to shoot mid-sixties
just to survive.


— is the FCC advisory committee a joke?

The FCC has announced it is setting up a special
advisory committee to discuss disability issues.
Is that a joke? When we tell FCC we want open
captions, are they going to listen to us? No. When
we tell the FCC that we want 911 text emergency
services at every single police station in USA, FCC
is not going to listen to us. And when we work with
hearing disabled representatives on that committee,
the hearing disabled people tend to push us out.
So, in other words, is that new committee a joke? Yes.




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