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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 28, 2014


— a city may hire deaf as a police officer

Bridgeport, CT, 145,000 people, will allow the police
department to hire deaf applicants – on one condition.
The hearing aid is required if it helps the deaf
applicant to function as a hearing person. But if the
hearing aid does not help, the deaf cannot be hired.

— a deaf hero’s bad luck

James Mester, a deaf resident of Waco, Texas,
has been praised as a hero. He smelled smokeĀ in his
apartment building and got all 8 residents
out just in time. The bad luck is that the fire
destroyed his apartment, making him homeless.
He is now living at a shelter, while getting help
from family and friends on his future plans.



— clarification with interpreters and VRI in hospitals

DeafDigest mentioned that private hospitals can offer
VRI instead of interpreters. This is not always true.
There are two issues – Section 504 and ADA regulations.
And there are Medicare Part B patients. Throw all this
into one pot, and things can get complicated, different
explanations for different issues! And speaking
of VRI, there are doctors that prefer live interpreters
because communication is so much better! Who is right
and who is wrong? This is why we have attorneys and
we have courts!




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