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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 22, 2014

— A Deaf Santa twist

For many years, Deaf Santas have entertained deaf children
at shopping malls. But in Huntington, West Virginia, there
is a twist. The Deaf Santa has been accompanied by a Deaf
Mrs. Santa Claus, who is Deaf-Blind!



— a taxi that is anti-deaf

New York City is coming up with “Taxi of Tomorrow” which is
these new taxi cabs. Many people hate it. The taxi industry
officials have filed a lawsuit to stop it. Automobile
manufacturers have opposed it because the city selected
Nissan as the official New York taxi cab. And deaf and
hard of hearing leaders have opposed it! Why? Two reasons.
the audio system in the taxi is very bad and hard of
hearing people will struggle with it. And for the deaf,
no way to reach these taxi for ride reservations. Standing
on the street to hail the cab is not always easy.



— another big irony with ASL

DeafDigest has mentioned several times re the Coolidge
coin irony with its U-S-A fingerspelling, because Grace
Coolidge taught at a school that did not allow sign
language. And there is another irony! The National
Geographic Society was led by Alexander Graham Bell,
and the various members of the Grosvenor family. They
opposed the use of sign language. Yet the January 2015
edition of the National Geographic magazine featured two
sign language illustrations!


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