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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 23, 2014

— Electric Mirror not deaf-friendly

Electric Mirror? It is a special mirror, in bathrooms of some
hotels, that show TV programs with a remote control, while
the person is using the bathroom. It is not deaf-friendly!
Why? Because of no captions. The “mirror” is less than
13 inches, not having to obey the FCC 13-inches or more rule
for TV captions!


— a deaf person’s dream engineering job

The Marshall Space Flight Center, part of the huge
NASA complex in Huntsville, Alabama, has several
thousand engineers. DeafDigest knows of two
deaf engineers in the past. There is a third
deaf engineer currently employed – Victoria
Garcia. She was recently featured in Cosmo’s “Get
That Life,” a magazine about successful women.
She has been employed since 2008.


— some talk about next Gallaudet president

There have been talk among some groups on who the
next Gallaudet president should be. Should the candidate
have a doctorate? Or should the candidate have a
law degree, as more and more universities are hiring
presidents with these law degrees? Or should a
candidate have a proven fund raising success? This is
important because Gallaudet has lost a friend in
Harkin, who is retiring and has always been supportive
of Gallaudet’s funding needs.




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