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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 24, 2014

— a big mess at a school for the deaf

There is a big mess at a school for the deaf. But is not
what you may think – students and teachers both get along
very well. Students are well behaved and listen carefully
in the classroom. The mess is from outside – young hearing
men, bored with nothing to do, smoke marijuana, near the
school property. They bother the deaf students and
the teachers are not able to do anything about it.
It is taking place at the Adjei State School for the Deaf
in Ghana! We are grateful this is not happening in USA.

— sign language or computer technology

The CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board
of Trade) is like a stock market, dealing with oil, cattle,
crops, coffee beans, etc). Brokers shout out their orders.
For many years they used a special sign language to communicate
with each other (numbers, months and letters). The CME had
hoped to eliminate sign language with computers. That was about
20-25 years ago. Sign language still won! One CME broker said
“technology cannot replace sign language!”


— farewell to a special friend in Hollywood

Joseph Sargent, probably the best friend in Hollywood
among the deaf actors, passed away. While he was not
deaf, he did much for the deaf. He co-founded the Deaf
West Theater. He directed the movie “Love is never
Silent” which is considered to be the best deaf movie
ever. And not afraid of controversy, he directed
the movie – Sweet Nothing in My Ear, which starred
Marlee Matlin. It was about a deaf couple having
a hard time deciding about giving their deaf son a CI or not.
DeafDigest wishes there were more Joseph Sargents
in Hollywood.



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