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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 25, 2014

— a famous park and the deaf

DeafDigest editor is spending this week vacationing in Manhattan,
at a hotel near the Central Park. This world-famous park has deaf
connections. Deaf filmmaker Ernest Marshall made a couple of films,
with the Central Park as the location, always keeping an eye out for
police officers! He was filming without the necessary city permits.
And there was a foreign film theater across the street, showing all
these movie subtitles. And then there was Fredrick Law Olmsted. Who
was he? He designed the Central Park – and also – the Gallaudet
University! Anyway, back to Marshall, a brief bio of him and his
work at the Central Park is at:


— comments from a deaf chef

Kevin Voelker is a deaf chef that teaches future deaf chefs at
the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. How did he learn these
cooking skills? He mostly learned on his own – learning from
family members, learning from other chefs at different
restaurants, watching the Food Network shows, reading these
cookbooks and practicing at different kitchens. These chefs
told him – you do not need ears to cook, must have good
eyes and good taste! Who knows – we may find future deaf
chefs at restaurants across the state of Florida.

— a long wait for a deaf organization

A deaf organization wanted to apply for IRS 501(c)3 tax exampt status
so it could serve its mission of helping the deaf of other nations.
How long did that organization wait before IRS finally gave it the
tax exempt status? Almost three years! The IRS will not always act




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