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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 26, 2014

— a fact about SWCID that we didn’t know about

The Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf has been around
since the early eighties in Big Spring, Texas. It is a vocationally
oriented two year collegiate program for deaf. While it is part of
the Howard College, it has a campus of its own. It is next to the
Federal Correctional Institution, which houses 2,000 prisoners. The
razor wire fence separates SWCID from the prison. It is not known
if the SWCID administration is worried about possible prison escapes!
The world’s most notorious hacker is one of the prisoners.


— deaf club membership dues

Membership dues at hearing clubs can be real expensive – somewhere
between $250.00 and $1,000 and even higher. The Pittsburgh Association
of the Deaf, one of the nation’s most respected deaf clubs, recently
posted a list of its revised membership dues. To make it short, for
active members it is $45.00 per year. It is a huge bargain as compared
to other hearing clubs and hearing societies. Yet, it is sad that
some deaf people feel that $45.00 is VERY expensive! These same
deaf people don’t complain that Starbucks can be more expensive.



— a surprise deaf animal learns sign language

We have known that deaf dogs can learn sign language. Also the
same thing with chimps. But what about other animals? Deaf
horses have been trained to follow hand gestures. Possible to
teach a deaf cat some sign language. A man said he did, and
has produced a video to prove it. This is interesting because
cats are known for their short attention spans.


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