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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 23, 2015



— a deaf-owned advertising agency with big clients

It is the dream of every advertising agency to have these
clients – Toyota, Tiger Woods Foundation, Lexus,
West Coast Choppers, a big hotel chain, a college, etc.
The agency – AkinsParker, which is located in Santa Ana,
California, is deaf-owned. The owner is Geoff Akins,
and he has operated this business for 10 years. He says
he is a success because of his “deaf eyes” – meaning he
sees things with the ad designs that his hearing
competitors don’t!



— a deaf question at a Super Bowl

Super Bowls always create excitement. In a past Super Bowl
press conference, former quarterback Jim Plunkett was
asked this question – is your father deaf? He was not too
pleased with this question because his father was blind.



— an interesting family involvement with sign language

Many hearing parents and hearing brothers and sisters learn
signs to communicate with a deaf family member. There is
a twist – in Malawi, a small African nation, there is
a push to teach sign language with families that have
a deaf member. The twist is that the nation is encouraging
aunts, uncles, cousins to learn signs! Normally it is
close family members (mother, father, brothers, sisters)
that learn signs – but not the distant members!



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