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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 26, 2015

— most popular baseball player and a deaf fan

Baseball fans and sports fans all over the world
have mourned the death of Mr Cub – Ernie Banks.
He was much loved because he was humble and
was an outstanding citizen. A long time ago
a picture was taken of him and a deaf fan –
Vaughn Hallada (Wisconsin). Pictures are at:




— a deaf musician by the numbers

1 (first) – full time percussion musician
3 – Grammy awards
30 – solo recordings
50 – countries performed in
2,000 – collection of ancient musicial instruments
2.500 – concert performances

this busy musician is Evelyn Glennie, Great Britain, and she is deaf



— lipreading a movie

Could a movie be lipread? There was a showing of a famous
silent film (1927) in Rochester, NY. Several deaf people,
watching the film – Fly Low Jack and the Game – said they
could lipread without watching the silent captions.
That film, by the way, has been rated #2,405th best film
by a movie critic.




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