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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2015

— an amazing non-interpreter

Yesenia Diosdado saw an automobile accident near her
home in Kansas. She ran over and realized the trapped
driver was deaf. The paramedics couldn’t communicate
with the driver. She jumped in and volunteered to
interpret. Thanks to her, the paramedics got the
information and knew what to do with the injured driver.
Why is it amazing? Because she is just 10 years old!
She learned sign language from her hearing mother.


— a bank cruel to a deaf customer

A deaf customer went to the ATM machine to get some
cash. The machine “swallowed” her card. She tried to
reach the bank through a relay to get a replacement
card. The bank refused, saying she must use voice
telephone with the customer service representative.
She told the bank of her deafness. The bank still
refused. This went on for three weeks, until she
gave up and filed legal action with a city
ombudsman. He ruled in favor of the deaf customer
and fined the bank. It did not take place in USA,
but in Great Britain.

— a website comment about Marlee Matlin

The posted an article –
The Top 10 Oscar One Hit Wonders. It listed 10
movie stars that won an Oscar and never again
got another big movie role. Marlee was listed as
one of these stars. The article said – Marlee
is one of the most inspirational actresses to
ever won an Oscar, and that she never appeared
in movies that would have helped win another Oscar.




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