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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 23, 2015

— watching a TV car race and getting TV baseball captions

Hard to believe. Deaf people, watching the big NASCAR
race, got captions that said – Joe Maddon, Cliff Lee,
Cole Hamels, Zach Greinke, Doug Fister, etc – all
these baseball names. And some of the names were
repeated several times. Possibly the computer confused
auto racing with baseball?? The Deadspin web site made
fun of this captioning mess!


— Indiana is almost 100 percent Deaf State

What is a Deaf State? A state where all of its counties
work with 911 deaf emergency texts. Much to our shock,
only two states are 100 percent Deaf State – Vermont
and Maine. What about Indiana? This state has 92
counties, but only 88 are able to take text emergency
messages; four counties can’t. So, Indiana is an
almost 100 Percent Deaf State. In due time we
expect all of USA to be 100 Percent Deaf USA!


— comparing two Deaf Cafes

We have a Deaf Cafe in Paris (Cafe Signes) and
a Deaf Cafe in Toronto (SIGNS). How do we compare
both Deaf Cafes? Both cafes are different. The
Paris cafe, serves regular food, is located in
a working class neighborhood. Patrons are
neighbors with each other. The Toronto cafe is
located in a hot dining area, serves fancy
food and patrons are either tourists or out of
town visitors. The Paris menu is printed with
meal descriptions in French and English. The
Toronto menu come with sign language pictures
that describe meals. Both cafes are different
but successful.




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