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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 26, 2015

— a deaf racer gets a big sponsor

We have some deaf auto racers that have not been able to get
sponsors. Racing is an expensive hobby for them. For famous racers
such as Dale Earnhardt, Jr, they get sponsorship money. Anyway,
Caleb McDuff is deaf and he is a racer. And he recently won a big
sponsorship deal from an oil company. It is amazing. Why? Because
Caleb is only 7 years old! He races go-karts in Great Britain
and as he gets older he will move to big cars. How was he able
to get a major sponsor? Possibly because his father is a car
mechanic with contacts among oil companies!



— these deaf child signs

We see many “Deaf Child” signs everywhere. Many of these signs
are still posted even though the deaf children have grown up
and have moved out of the neighborhoods. Anyway one big
city rejects these deaf child signs. It is Fort Worth, Texas.
Why the rejection? The explanation from the city says many
drivers pay no attention to these deaf signs and still drive
fast, anway!

— not good news for deaf driver in accident

DeafDigest mentioned several times this past summer that
a scared deaf driver, trapped in his car with his family,
drove through the crowd that was celebrating the Zombie
Walk in San Diego. He drove away after being attacked by
one of these paraders. He then got into an accident.
The cops did not arrest him and let him go. But seven
months later, the San Diego County District Attorney
has charged the deaf driver with a felony. The deaf
driver’s attorney is now fighting the case. Trial takes
place next month.




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