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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 27, 2015


— an interesting twitter comment about the deaf

Someone made a twitter comment that was interesting.
This person said that deaf individuals were responsible
for big changes in sports. Examples were the football
huddle (Gallaudet’s Paul Hubbard), baseball signals
(out and strike by Dummy Hoy and Dummy Taylor) and
boxing’s corner red lights (because deaf boxer
Eugene Hairston couldn’t hear the bell). Yet deaf
athletes are called disabled because they can’t


— a deaf child actor not getting his royalty money

There was a story about a former baseball player Roger McDowell
getting a check of $13.52 everytime a Jerry Seinfield TV
re-run shows him on the program. He was only on the program
for less than 10 seconds in 1992. Jeff Bravin, the Executive
Director, American School for the Deaf, was a child actor
on “And Your Name Is Jonah” TV movie in 1979. Royalties?
Bravin said – I wish I had the same agreement McDowell had.
I got royalties for the first seven times it was shown, but
I have not seen a check in ages. Now it is shown in so many
web streaming outlets such as Netflix and Amazon!

— a sign language dealer in a casino

We have a few dealers that are deaf and work in Nevada casinos.
What about hearing dealers that know sign language. There is
one – LeErica Knight, a dealer at the Ameristar Casino in
Vicksburg, Mississippi. She often helps deaf players that
come to her casino. She would high-five them when they
win money. She knows signs because her sister is deaf.




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