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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 26, 2015


— a legislator mocking the deaf

John Elferink, member of the Northern Territory
Parliament (Australia), was caught on video,
mocking the deaf during a legislative session.
It is shocking because he is the territory minister
of the disability services! He waved his hands around
to pretend using the Australian Sign Language.
He was forced to apologize, but for some reason,
the territory government is keeping its hands off.

— deaf fighter Matt Hamill says he will get better

DeafDigest worries about deaf fighter Matt Hamill.
He is almost 39 and he has not fought since 2013,
having lost 3 of his last 4 fights. He will be
facing an opponent whose record is better. He is
fighting in the World Series of Fighting, a lower
level since UFC, the top level, kicked him out. Yet,
what does Matt have to say? He said that he will
get better and better and feels he will win his match
on March 28th. DeafDigest hopes so, but still worries.

— a scared hearing customer

A deaf driver of a Lyft car (like a privately owned
cab) picked up a hearing customer. This customer,
not realizing the driver was deaf, gave specific
directions because the location was hard to find.
While the deaf driver did his best to reach the
this location, the customer was not able to
explain a short cut route. After getting off the
car, he said:

I couldn’t be mad at the driver who was doing his
best. I could only be mad at myself

(Lyft and Uber are two competing private companies).
Both want deaf drivers working for them.





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