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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 27, 2015

— a deaf lawsuit involving a drum and an interpreter

A lawsuit has been filed by a deaf family of deaf
sons, accusing a local youth football league of
refusing to pay for interpreters and denying
the use of a football drum. Do deaf football
players need a drum? The Gallaudet football
team stopped using the drum in 2005, after using
it for about 35 years. Why was it dropped?
The Gallaudet quarterback told the coach he did
not need the drum, and the coach agreed!
We look at these deaf players that have
played in NFL – Bonnie Sloan, Kenny Walker
and Derrick Coleman; they never used the drum.



— a strange dog law in Michigan

Michigan has a law – that hearing people are not
allowed to walk their dogs with an orange leash
or an orange collar. The law says only the deaf
people can use the orange color with their dogs.
The Michigan legislature is thinking of removing
that law – because it is so silly!



— a deaf glove may be available

A deaf glove has been invented by Antonella Mazzoni,
who is not deaf. He is with Queen Mary University
in London, and the Deaf Glove is his project.
This glove will vibrate in the hands of deaf
cyclists and deaf joggers when cars come too
close to them. Possibly also when deaf hikers
walk too close to the train tracks and cannot hear
trains coming near them.




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