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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 1, 2015

— a reason why the Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) never talked

Deaf actor/strongman Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk)
had speech lessons for 15 years, and as a result,
his speech was good. Yet, while he was performing
as the Hulk, he never talked. Why? Born in
Brooklyn, NY, he learned to speak with a
Brooklyn accent. For that reason, the Hulk
director never allowed him to talk. A Brooklyn
accent would make him look foolish on TV. Lou
wasn’t too happy about it!


— a radio station brings up a sticky issue

Wbat is a sticky interpreting issue? That an interpreter
will interpret a speech by a political leader – with no
deaf people in the audience! This issue was brought up
by a New Jersey radio station, hinting a waste of interpreting

— end of a 60-year family separation

Sixty years ago, the South Carolina social services took
away a deaf one-year old baby boy from his family. He
eventually grew up in Florida and became the father of
two sons. He had wondered for years why was he so lonely.
What he didn’t know wat that his two older sisters spent
60 years looking for him. They only turned to Facebook,
posting up pictures of themselves, hoping that face
recognition would connect them to their brother.
260,000 shares later, the connections finally made –
with assistance of a forensic investigator, and the
West Palm Beach Police Department, which confirmed
the identity. A joyful reunion is being planned
next week.


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