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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 29, 2015 morning

— we have a new deaf rapper

Lal Daggy is a new rapper who is deaf. A story today said
he is quickly rising in the music industry. His performance
is unusual in that he does not use his voice. Instead he
uses face, hands, arms and body while synching with the
background music. The audience fell in love with his
performances. Not much is known of him, though, except
that he is 24 years old.

— deaf drivers with Uber

Uber has deaf drivers. This company has developed
a new app to help deaf drivers navigate the roads,
pick up and drop off passengers. It was the deaf
drivers that told Uber what they wanted in the new
app – and Uber listened to them. But is there
an irony – Uber has been accused of discriminating
against disabled passengers. There are several
law suits for that reason!

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