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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 27, 2015 morning

— a twist in the story of a deaf man jailed for 6 months

Abreham Zemedagegehu, a deaf immigrant, was accused of
stealing someone’s iPad at an airport terminal. He
was put into jail for six months – with no access to
an interpreter and with no formal charges. He has
always denied the theft. Now – the twist – the
hearing person who accused the deaf man, admitted
he was not telling the truth. The Virginia judge
immediately freed the deaf man.


— requests for interpreters backfiring against deaf

A deaf woman wanted to learn how to drive in California
but ran into no-interpreter issues at driving schools.
And there is another one – a deaf woman from New Mexico
was given the run around twice when she showed up to
obtain her driver’s license. They told her she must
have an interpreter – and rescheduled her appointment
for that reason. She showed up, but the interpreter
didn’t! She is very angry about it. Times have
changed. Years ago a deaf person would write notes
back and forth at the Department of Motor Vehicles
offices – and were able to get licenses. It is a
barrier right now – because of interpreting issues!
Very troubling.


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