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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 28, 2015 morning



— a big issue at a Texas interpreting workshop

It is always hated when a deaf person says something
or fingerspells something only to have the interrpeter
botch it up by saying differently. It has happened
one time too many over the years with DeafDigest
editor that uses an interpreter. This was the hot
issue brought up in a workshop hosted by the
exas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative
Services, Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Services. This applies to interpreters, both
certified and not certified!


— a newspaper columnist scolds the FCC

Bob Dyer, a columnist with the Akron Beacon
Journal, a newspaper, ran a column that
was titled:

Is FCC serious about closed captioning?

He was referring to one Cleveland news
station that had serious real time
captioning issues, leaving deaf viewers
confused. He said that while FCC has a long
list of captioning rules and mandates,
it is not really enforced – worst thing
is just a slap on the wrist! This
columnist is correct.


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